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We're Bringing

Health Care and

Life Care Together

A serious illness or a journey through aging affects all the parts of your life -- family, friends, jobs, children, finances and caregiving.  


Your MMI healthcare/life care navigator understands this and helps you to chart a course that will connect these moving pieces into a manageable plan.  Your navigator solves problems for you so that you can eliminate stressful tasks that drain your energy. 

Your personal Healthcare Navigator is not only your advocate but also a companion to share the progress

and setbacks of your journey.

Our Goal

To coordinate care and

advocate for our

client's needs and rights.

To help families mobilize a support network, find solutions to everyday problems and assist medical providers as well as  caregivers.

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Help is Here

Your MMI navigator can:

  • Coordinate care, treatment and communication among your medical team
  • Attend Dr. visits with you or your loved one
  • Provide detailed insurance claims assistance
  • Track your medical paperwork to correct errors and to insure you recieve your full insurance benefits and coverage
  • Mobilize the resources your caregivers need to support your treatment and recovery
  • Navigate the special healthcare, home care,and insurance needs of the elderly
  • Facilitate a communication plan with family members and loved ones

MMI Healthcare Navigation Services does not give medical advice.  We are not a substitute for your doctors who are experts in the treatment

of your illness or condition.  We do not replace mental health experts or other healthcare providers.